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By Marvin Lewis Speciner  © 2011

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In Compassion and Grace.. Love-light.. The face.. Oneness-heart.. Always.. The Love.. Such Now that it is!.. Now.. So be it..


Compassion speaks in silence.. The Heart knows infinitely All then.. The Love.. The Ocean of Bliss…


The Blessing bestowed upon us by Infinite Love-light knows no bounds. Manifested destiny.. All Love-light!.. Now!.. Is It as It is!.. Here!.. Now!..


In the shadow of destiny lies eternity… Love-light… Now.. Be…. Silence…


Realize.. Gods Love.. Is..  Bound.. To happen… Be… Now… Silent….


Here....   Now....     Is!....   Where?...   I...     OM..


Human... Being... Be.. Cause... Now... Is...  Infinite Love..


“Infinitely All in nothing becomes Everything”.. A Love story.. Staring man now!..


There are no others.. All Love is you!.. All is One.. Oneness-Love is All.. Your heart!. Find God there!.. Illumination All then.. The Ocean of Love light.. so be it now.


Light is Wisdom.. All else is nothing.. Be.. Wise.. Only.. The Light.. That!.. You are!..


Atman and Paramatma.. One in the same.. Atman the drop, Paramatma the Ocean.. Only the bubbles make it seem different. When the water is perfectly still there are no bubbles..


Conventional experience.. the nexus of recollections and emotions.. Dreams within dreams.. Mind manifested limitation.. pleasure and pain.. The cage of mankind.. Thoughts of freedom planning tomorrow “I”ness.. Tomorrow the concept of self-indulgence.. Sustaining.. nothing in nothing. The wheel spins until it stops.. Beyond delusion Reality is.. Love-light.. Now is.. Never.. Nowhere else. The Ocean.. Light infinite Love.. Now..  So be.. All..


Oneness flame of infinite divine remembrance.. Shorten the path of the remembered hearts in love light.. Blessings!.


The Light.. Shines.. Such brilliance.. It is.. You are.. Surrender.. Become.. Now it ..Is it.. You are.. it!..


Blessing to all!. Please accept this grace of the beautiful garments that you are to hear again and fly through the heart of your infinite being.. the visions of your eternal soul..



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