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When you become a route sponsor we put a marker on Google Maps for your business that is searchable on Google Maps and is also associated with your chosen flight plan.
People who visit the route on Google Maps are able to see your business marker that is associated with the flight plan. You can advertise your website, include your contact infomation, website URL, and more. People can search for you by name in the Google Maps search bar and visitors can visit your website, contact you, and get driving dirrections to your location.

We get hundreds of hit's on our flight route maps every day!

Get your map marker today for the limited time price of: $5.00 per marker!

Become a part of The Lockheed Constellation Virtual Flight Plans Project and get a map marker for your business on Google Maps today!

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All information submitted is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any thrid parties.

* VIRTUAL FLIGHT is not affilated with Google or Google Maps. We are a user of their services.

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