Custom GPS Vehicle Mount

By Marvin

Back View

Suction Cups


Components View

Charger stand from old electric razor

Gooseneck from old table lamp

Heavy duty plastic from old truck bed liner


I made this GPS vehicle mount out of spare materials I had around the house. The mount attaches via suction cups to any vehicle that has a windshield. It can be attached to a car, jeep, truck or boat. You can attached it in seconds to any vehicle that you plan on operating.

The picture below lists the components that I used to make the device.

This mount works great! I tested it out in my Jeep Wrangler while driving over some really bad back roads. It stayed put even while driving at 35 mph over rutty washboard roads with a bunch of pot holes.

The beauty of this mount is that allows you to monitor your course without removing your hands from the steering wheel. It positions the GPS close to your eyes so that you can see all the details on it while driving. You can change functions on the fly with one hand as all of the buttons on the GPS unit are accessible.

Magellan makes a mount similar to this one but they cost $50.00. You can only buy it on the Magellan website. Retailers don't carry it for this model GPS.

My cost to build this GPS vehicle mount was ZERO DOLLARS. It took me around 2 hours to build it.