Meet Marvin Speciner

Playing the American Indian flute for Marvin is more of a cosmic phenomenon rather than a mortal one.  He does not know how he can play the flute.  He never studied the flute and does not play the flute from written music.  He just picks the instrument up and the music plays through him.  It is not a conscious thing he says.  When he plays the flute he becomes the voice of the flute.  He is only the servant to this voice and nothing more.  The music is a message that comes through him.  It has nothing to do with him personally. It comes from the heart.  He says that when he plays he feels unbelievable peace and love in his heart.  "It is like God is talking to me, or through me. It is a spiritual experience", he says.

For a long time Marvin did not play the flute and he felt that the music was like a pebble thrown into a quiet pond.  It made ripples but then it was gone never to be seen or heard again.  Each piece of music is a unique creation, like a ripple on a pond, there one second and gone the next.  This feeling made Marvin feel sad because the love he felt when he heard himself play was gone, like the ripple on the pond, when the music stopped. 

People are touched by his music and say that when he looks at you and plays it is like he is playing for your soul.   It is a very personal spiritual experience to hear him play.   It does something to you inside, in your heart.

He realized a few years ago that people liked to hear him play one day while he was out in the woods playing the flute by a brook.  As improbable as it was he had an audience in a short time.  Hikers in the area were attracted to his location when they heard the music. That is when Marvin realized that this gift of the Spirit Flute was not only for him but for everyone.  It has a message, from the Creator, on a deep inner level for all.

Recently Marvin decided to record his music to share its beauty with all who choose to hear it.  He realizes it's his purpose to do this.   The 'Follow Your Heart' CD is his first recording but will by no means be his last.

56 year old Marvin Speciner studied the trumpet and the French horn for many years  while attending Los Angeles City College and the University of California at Los Angeles.  The American Indian flute is on an entirely different level, it is a gift from the heart.

"Follow Your Heart" CD

Give the gift of love. Enjoy many serene moments to remember with this unbelievable musical journey into the soul.

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