About The 'Follow Your Heart' CD

The album is a musical commentary about the condition of man - where he came from, where he's been and where he might be going. It has a unique message that can only be appreciated by listening to the entire album in sequence. This musical journey takes one through the stages of earths evolution, man's development with his lifestyles and his follies. It references biblical scriptures from the book of Revelation which is incorporated into the musical work as well as sound clips of speeches from prominent world leaders whose actions have shaped the destiny of modern man.

The album ends with glimpses of new hope for mankind despite his shortcomings. The Dawn track incorporates a poem written by Marvin Speciner that potentially refocuses one's attention to the possibility of new beginnings.

This unique musical work comes from the heart. Marvin had no idea of what this album would be like before he started it. It was a spontaneously occurring event, like all of his music. The majority of the CD's listeners say that the album has a spiritual message for all who hear it.

The Album Tracks

Earths Peaceful Cry

Peaceful Flute For The Children And The Wolf

Worldly Meditation

Reflections Of The Horse And The Wolf

History Unfolds

Peace Prayer

Revelation of Man

The Chimes


'Dawn' - The Poem

Dawn.. the beginning.. the time of new light.. the new radiance of the sun illuminating earth.. Dawn.. a time of joy expressed in the songs of all creatures, far and wide.. A celebration of new light, new hope for all.. a timelessly repeating event over the ages.. indeed a marker of life times.. The cycles of light punctuating itself over time.. forever..

Dawn.. the name, a connotation of new beginnings, the blessing bestowed upon creation for the evolution of the sprit.. achieving oneness for all in all.. Eternal Dawn.. our blessing of new hope and new peace for this world.. a time of gratitude.. and for meditation as well..

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