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Ash Fork - Kiabab National Park

Rocky Creek Ranch Camping Trip

We drove up here on November 9, 2007 to spend 3 days riding in the Kiabab National Park. We had a wonderful time and the horses did exceptionally well! The Rocky Creek Ranch is an hour and half drive from our ranch. The horse accommodations were great and the facilities were excellent.

Our Rig

Rae Ann With The Horses After Unloading

My Horse - Cahutta
Resting After Unloading

Rae Ann's Horse - Cricket
Resting After Unloading

Cahutta In His Stall
Evening Feeding

We really did appreciate the indoor barn and so did the horses. It got down to 26 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday night so it was nice that the horses had a place to get in out of the cold.

The Barn
Each Horse Had An Indoor Stall / Outdoor Run

Our Campsite
We Parked Next To The Barn

We parked close to the barn so that we could easily look in on the horses. We had electric and water that we hooked up to the camper. Our little self contained home away from home worked out great and kept us warm during the fridged nights.  

The Arena
We Used This A Lot As A Turn Out

Getting Ready For A Riding Adventure
Next Stop Kiabab National Park Ride

On The Trail
Rae Ann Posing With Cricket

Rae Ann saw this interesting rock formation and wanted to ride to it to take a picture. The terrain in the Kiabab National Park is, for the most part, high planes. We rode for hours though beautiful fields and valleys and followed an old abandoned railroad track for miles into the higher elevations which was populated by oak trees.

Kiabab National Park Ride
Rae Ann Grazing The Horses

After riding several hours we stopped to let the horses graze. They were in heaven! It’s not often that they get a chance to sample the cuisine of a pristine high planes meadow. They got 'a high' chomping down the virgin grasses. They were mesmerized and highly relaxed doing what comes naturally in a natural environment.

Kiabab National Park Ride
Marvin Posing With The Horses

Cahutta Grazing In Kiabab National Park
It's Called 'Horsey Heaven'

Back At The Rocky Creek Ranch
Cricket Taking A Roll After A Hard Day On The Trail

After a long day out on the trail the horses enjoyed themselves rolling around in the arena. We covered at least 15 miles riding through some fairly rugged terrain. The horses did great going through the rocky parts and all the up hills and down hills. They deserved their little respite following a long hard day on the trail.

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