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Playing the Native American Indian  Flute for Marvin is a spontaneously occurring event.. He says, "It's as if the flute is playing me." He has never studied the instrument and rarely practices it but he has the unique and rare ability to pick it up and play unbelievably beautiful music that sounds as if it comes from another dimension.. His music truly comes from the heart, spontaneously and completely..

He admits that he has no idea as to how or why he plays what he does but has been encouraged by many people who have heard him play to record his music so that it can be shared with others. The 'New Sky Singles' CD is his second recorded work..

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'Musically advanced, recorded & voiced in New sound-waves'

MARVIN'S Spirit Flute Music CD's

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Soaring With Eagles 2:13

Proud Indians East And West 3:11

First Snow 2:47

Four Fingers Four 1:48

Here is what his fans says:

Flute Of The Heart CD

"This is awesome! It is also a very humbling sound of the heart. I can see the wolves; hear the children of the night. I closed my eyes and saw the Eagle Fly by. I see this is a piece to listen to day or night and something new will come from the music.

Thank you Marvin for sharing this with us all."

New Sky Singles

"I am listening to the sacred sound of the flute. The music took me on a journey. I wish I could listen to it before going to bed. It has a deep and rich sound the mind wants to savor to the stars. I know that the teacher in his heart is in his music.

The sounds are awesome!

I pray that this artist will go far with his heart music.

Loving prayers to this artist."

Eagle Star

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   Soaring With Eagles  2:13

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