About The  'New Sky Singles' CD

I started the 'New Sky' CD about a year and a half ago and I managed to get four tracks done. Then I got side tracked with other things. My music got put on the back burner. Everyone that had heard the four tracks encouraged me to continue but somewhere along the way I lost inspiration and couldn't do anything. Flute playing for me is all inspiration. It comes from the inside and I can't fake it. When I'm inspired I play. When I'm not I don't.

Some friends suggested that I at least release the four tracks from my 'New Sky' album as singles since they liked them so much. I figured that it was a good idea and thought that perhaps by doing so my audience would inspire me to do more if they liked my new stuff.

The concept of the album is along the line of tone poems. The various cuts create visualizations about natural and spiritual phenomena that have deep emotional connotations.

The Album Tracks

The 'Soaring With Eagles' cut makes listeners feel as if they were right there on wings with soaring eagles and provides them with a sense of tremendous peace and freedom. It is a very satisfying and calming piece to listen to. It's good for the soul in that it liberates the heart and mind to soar to new heights and experience inner peace and freedom in the here and now. It makes listeners feel connected to the whole of nature.

'Proud Indians East And West' is about unity and brotherhood among mankind. It cuts right through to the commonality and strength that binds us all. It's an uplifting piece that shows how in sprit we are all connected to one another in strength and purpose. It's strong but calming and carries you forward in your life.

'First Snow' is about newness and freshness. It's about the purity of the beginning of a new season. The pristine whiteness and softness of the coming of winter permeates the piece and brings forth the experience of the joy, clearness and happiness that the new season brings.

'Four Fingers Four' is sort of trippy. It's music on another dimension that's great for meditation. It's the union of a multitude of flutes playing in synchrony and harmony. It's hard to follow with your head but if you close your eyes and focus on your inner self you will understand it's deep spiritual messages.

All Music © 2007 Marvin Speciner, All Rights Reserved

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